HydraulicGoods Lift / Dumbwaiter

Low maintenance and are at par with international standards in terms of quality, design and performance.

Tailored - made as per requirement

Manufacturing Range

  • Capacity - 500 Kgs to 40 tons
  • Lifting - 2' to 50'
  • Platform Range - 4' to 40' X 4' to 40'



  • Loading/Unloading.
  • Working Platform.
  • Shifting goods to different floors.
  • Automation of manufacturing process.
  • Transporting heavy equipment from one point to another.
  • Outfeeds of material for stacking and palletizing.
  • Transferring material, at machine height & conveyor processing.
  • Positioning work for assembly, maintenance & processing.


  • Safe, highly durable and low maintenance

  • Consume less than 50% of electric energy compared to conventional lifts

  • Best records in safety & servicing cost

  • Built-in electromechanical door interlocks, lever type switches and spring buffers

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We are specialized in manufacturing our lifts to suit customer's requirement.

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