HydraulicGoods Lift / Dumbwaiter

The Hydraulic goods lift popularly known as cage lift and dumbwaiter is used in hotels, restaurants and other commercial spaces for carrying objects. The dumbwaiter is installed on the ground directly. It has hydraulic drive, steady operation and simple operation. It is one of the most reliable and economical lifts. Our hydraulic lifts are available in straddle or cantilever design. We offer customized as well as standard solutions.



There are less mechanical components compared to a wire rope lift to ensure high durability and low maintenance. The machines are safe, fast and efficient and are ideal for mezzanines, balconies and basements.


  • Safe, highly durable and low maintenance

  • Consume less than 50% of electric energy compared to conventional lifts

  • Best records in safety & servicing cost

  • Built-in electromechanical door interlocks, lever type switches and spring buffers

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